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    TAIZHOU DCHANG FILTER MATERIAL CO.,LTD is the study of manufacturing industrial filter cloth professional manufacturers. Company's products are divided into six series:. Polyester fiber filter cloth series, series of polypropylene fiber filter cloth, nylon fiber filter cloth series, discuss filter cloth, filter bag, dust bag and so on.

    Filter cloth mainly adopts high quality material such as PET, PP, PA by the advanced production equipment, process organization. Can be used according to the practical environment, heat resistance, acid-proof alkaline, and the size of the filter medium and the permeability, choose the right product for the customer.

    Weaving equipment and non-woven needle production line and post-processing equipment. Can adapt to all kinds of filter material density, high strength of special weaving.

    New type high efficiency air filter cloth is mainly used in filtration and removal of dust, dust powder, to purify the air, protect the environment, in smelting, chemical plants, sugar, dye, medicine, food and other industries widely used. Polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, whalen, the material such as cotton cloth, mesh, is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, dyes, steel, construction, iron smelting, chemical industry, ceramic, cement, geology, mining and other industries.

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